Eventually Convinced

Originally, my idea was to buy “normal” bikes – foldable of course since we’ll have them on board.

Being on a boat usually means you won’t get much movement. So, by having an ordinary bike, we would get the exercise we would lack, while exploring the surroundings on land (or simply go grocery shopping).

Well, Patrik wasn’t veeeeery enthusiastic about my thoughts and tried to convince me otherwise, whenever we discussed this topic. In the end he just ordered an e-bike and so I saw myself a tiny little bit forced to buy one as well. 

I mean, imagine this: Say we are in Corsica – which is hilly, it’s 37 deg. C, sunshine and Patrik sitting on his e-bike, cycling easily and smiling uphill. Now I’m coming with my non-e-bike, puffing, sweating, red-faced…. 🥵 Until I would finally reach Patrik, the break is over, and we continue our adventure. Not very tantalizing I must admit 🙄


In the end I gave in and ordered my own one on May 02nd. The delivery was scheduled for the day after. Only that it never arrived, although the tracking said the parcel was delivered. Was it karma? 🤨

After contacting the company and explaining the situation, they checked and decided the parcel must have been lost somewhere during the transport. They would send me a new one immediately!

WOW, what a customer support! And so I received my e-bike on Wednesday, and it looks very nice. It’s also easy to handle (important for me). Is that karma???

However, time will show if both bikes were worth the money and if the promises can be kept! 

We’ll definitely keep you updated 😎


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Pictures of Patrik’s electric bike above.

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