Finished !

Finally, after a couple of more visits at “Good Stuff Tattoo”, since my last “tattoo post”. Lorenz finished his art work on 29th May! And it truly is a piece of art – I’m very pleased!

Even Patrik and my parents – who aren’t the tattoo enthusiasts (to say it mildly) – had to admit that it looks stunning!

So this week I still have to nurse it with a healing cream, and for at least two weeks more, it’s not allowed in the sun. After that with a high UV protection only, for maybe another month or two.

In about a month time I’ll visit Lorenz one last time. he wants to take pictures for his website and catalogue.

Around that time Patrik and I will finally travel to Barcelona in order to sail our LUNA AZZURRA to Loano/Italy!

Yeah, it doesn’t get boring, does it?!

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