Fit for the Job

Patrik and I wanted to make sure about our state of health before we start our adventure.

We’re absolutely not keen on surprises in form of hidden illnesses!

So, I booked us a doctor’s appointment for a head-to-toe check-up. Last week we underwent the procedure, including taking blood samples *ouch*

This week we went there again to get the results! And, boy, are we fit! 🥳

ECG, vitamins, lungs, heart, kidney, liver, …. you name it, all as good as gold!

Especially me 😇! The doctor had nothing than compliments to give!

Patrik needs to watch his weight a bit and he should cut down sweets and fats. But so far so good!

One more obstacle completed!

What will follow is a visit at the dentist for a last check-up before we leave Switzerland.

Plus, we we’ll meet the leading surgeon from the hospital in our area. That’s a funny story actually!

I wanted to inform myself if the appendix can be removed preventative. I mean what do you do when you suffer appendicitis and you’re somewhere in the middle of nowhere? You wouldn’t operate on yourself, would you? Or give the task to your partner to do surgery on you….

Imagine, you lying on the salon table with a piece of wood between your teeth…. Hmm, I think I saw too many movies…. 🤣

Anyway, I started to ask around, health insurance, hospital and suddenly I was contacted by this surgeon. He explained that he’s also a sailor (amongst others, twice around the world) and he had the same misgivings. He even wrote an article once for a newspaper!

Well, to cut a long story short, he suggested to meet him before we leave and he’ll help us to assemble a first aid case, including antibiotics in case the unthinkable happens and one of us suffers an acute appendicitis!

Isn’t that fantastic? I mean what are the odds! 😅

So, let’s hope the luck will continue to be on our side 🍀

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