Freja – evolution of a dream

“Our dream in stages”….

Being honest, at the beginning, when we started this whole idea, we had no clue about sailing boats, let alone sailing. We just knew that this is our dream, which hopefully will come true one day.

So we started to look at pictures of – simply said – “nice” sailing boats, which we liked, read in Wikipedia and boat charter companies about different boat models and knew, that we are no millionaires.

So our first choice would have been that kind:


A Turkish Gullet it was, with its beautiful wood, its charm and coziness and lots of space! Comfortable to life on! Even the prices were reasonable, for “so much boat” 

Well, after a lot of more searching, reading and dreaming later, we realized that. To be able to sail over the Atlantic one day and cruise around the Caribbean, we would never make it safely across “the pond” in such a boat. So, sadly we said “Good Bye” to the Gullets.

Feeling like we learned a lot now, we knew our future boat had to be a “blue water” vessel, stable enough to sail the big oceans! That meant we started looking around for monohulls. (ha, another new word, we were proud of to have learned) and quickly discovered heaps of them on the net.


Monohull copy

Not bad, eh?!

Anyway, having seen plenty of boats on YouTube (and continued reading about them), we soon found out that. a. safety is a big issue when living permanently on a boat (did you know, how many scary movies exist about storms? And don’t forget “Discovery Channel”), and b. airy space!

Monohulls are apparently quite safe these days and it probably takes a lot to overturn one of those. But, in our opinion, they look quite dark and cramped inside. And since we are planning to take Odin with us (if it ever happens). He, of course, must feel comfortable as well.

And so then we found the perfect solution, called catamaran!  We were nearly overwhelmed about their design, space. (f. ex. no stairs in order to get inside and what an airy wideness compared to a monohull – sorry no offend)! We also read a lot about their safety, how smooth they are to sail and how easy they are to handle, which are a lot of plus factors.



…..erm….no, not quite….




….that’s better….

Well, and in case someone is wondering about the name “Freja”. As you can guess it’ll be the name of our boat to-be. Since our furry cats are called Odin and Thor (who sadly died in July 2015). We thought Odin should have a little sister. In short, Freja was the Nordic goddess of love and marriage. Who among other magical things – owned a carriage, which was drawn of two Norwegian Forrest cats. So we thought it fits us perfectly!

And yes, yes, it IS probably more than strange, to have a boat name but no boat yet….but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?!



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