Last weekend Patrik and I did some necessary gardening.

Although, for the major work on the slope we’ve hired a professional gardener. Nevertheless, some small work still had to be done 🌺

Plus, we needed to replace the old edging on the bed. The old one was rotting away and therefore, looked butt-ugly. So, the new one is made of willow and it looks really pretty! Let’s hope it also lasts as many years as the old one.

We also planted some sunchoke (topinambur), which I got from a working colleague. I hope they like the spot and that we can harvest a few spuds until winter.

Weeding also seems a never-ending story when you have a garden. This time Patrik aligned himself to this task. Well done, darling 😅

On Sunday I took the opportunity and spent the afternoon on my sunlounger, accompanied by my book.

Along the way we continue to watch the development in Italy and its regulations regarding COVID-19 closely. So far it looks good 😎


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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on June 5, 2021 at 11:21 am
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    Hej på er. Er trädgård ser jättefin ut med alla vackra blommor, förstår att ni njuter.
    Kramar till er. 🤗🥂❤️

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