Glimmer of Hope

.Welcome to May, everyone!

So far, Patrik, Odin and I continue to be happy and – most of all – healthy! Patrik is still doing home office and – luckily – I still drive to work every day.

On Friday, 1st of May we were off work and my qualifying period has ended. – three months already gone – so on Thursday my boss and I had the mandatory chat. I can stay!

Meanwhile, some restrictions have been loosened. Hairdressers, cosmetic and nail studios, tattoo shops, garden centers and hardware stores were allowed to open again last Monday!

Also, the restaurants, bars and pubs will be allowed to open on the 11th of May. With restrictions of course, not more than 4 people per table. or a family and the distance between a group of people must be 2 meters. I bet the owners are super happy!

We heard in the news, that Italy also starts to loosen their cutback, like some shops will open soon. Schools remain closed though, until September. Travelling too is still very limited within Italy….

Nevertheless, Patrik and I keep our hopes high that end of May people may be allowed to visit Italy – even if still limited. We keep our vacation plans so far for week 22 and hope pray we will be able to visit our Luna Azzurra.

By now it’s pretty tough to see the marina through the webcam and not being able to be there. The only (little) consolation is that no one else is being in the marina and/or on their yachts. But still…..

It just would have been nice to get all the work done on the boat, which was planned doing on the Easter Weekend.

We still have the last three weeks in August planned for our sailing vacation…… If not end of May, we hope that at least in August it will be allowed travelling to Italy again (a lot of “hopes” in this post…haha…..)!

Nevertheless, meanwhile we enjoy the local aspargus season and look forward to the first Swiss strawberries, which will be ready soon! *yummy*

All righty, that’s us for this week! Be good and stay healthy 😊



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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on May 2, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    Hej på er.💕
    Skönt att ni ändå ser hoppfullt framöver men förstår att det känns frustrerande att vänta, tyvärr är det så för oss allaäven för oss som inte hittar på så mycket, så är man ändå utestängd ifrån det mesta! 🤔
    Nu hoppas vi att det ska ta slut, tills dess får vi njuta hemma i alla fall så får vi göra det!

    Vi önskar er en fin Maj 🌸 🥂och att vi alla får vara friska!! 👍
    Kramar ❤️❤️

    Sigrid & Jörgen

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