Greetings from Mallorca!

Well, well, here we are now, at the hotel lobby in Palma. We’ve already checked out and wait for the taxi to drive us to the airport! Our flight will leave 13.30h to Barcelona, and at 17.55h to Zurich – arrival is scheduled for 19.50h

For a start, I never thought actually, I would set a foot onto Spain’s soil to be honest. My conviction is, as long as Spain celebrates bull fighting, I’ll avoid that country. Yes, I know, Mallorca and many other parts of Spain, said “no” to this bloody and cruel tradition. But for me, it’s still the same country, nevertheless. A shame really, because it’s supposed to be a beautiful part of the world, with rich history, fantastic architecture and tasty food!

Anyway, this trip to Mallorca was a bit involuntarily, and unavoidable, as you know.

Was it worth it?