Happy Golden Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 10th and last Sunday the family had a get together, in order to celebrate this special occasion adequately.

It took place in a small setting, consisting of my brothers with family, my parents of course and Patrik and myself – a total of 14 people.

My mum organized the day a while ago, and so we met at 10 a.m. in the most beautiful weather in Weesen, in the canton of St. Gallen. A touristy town, which lies at the “Walensee”. 

From there we boarded the ferry at 10.20 and enjoyed a 40-minutes ride to Quinten. The view was spectacular and the breeze most welcome. The temperatures started to rise already – the forecast promised up to 38 deg. C!!! 


Quinten is an absolute gem and worth a visit. The little village is car-free and a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Many protected amphibians, such as different species of lizards and snakes have found a safe habitat there. 

The community lies remotely at the shore and is surrounded by grapevine and greenery. It’s accessible only by boat or by foot. Due to its high number of sunshine hours, Quinten is also called the Gandria of east Switzerland, which is a part in Lugano, a town in the Italian speaking canton of Switzerland. Quinten is also one of the warmest places in our country.

But back to our little family trip 😉

After we arrived, we had a stroll to the restaurant “Seehus“, where a table was waiting for us. Luckily, we could sit outside, under a huge tree, which protected us from the sun. 

Aperitif was served, menus chosen and the talking and the frisky atmosphere continued.

The food was tasty and was accompanied by a local red wine (the white wine was also splendid)! 


Unfortunately, Patrik and I had to say good-bye earlier. He had to travel to Italy the day after and wanted to have a quiet and restful evening before the long drive. So, we needed to catch the 14.25 o’clock ferry (the next was leaving at 16.15) and after a bit more than an hour car ride, we arrived at home – absolutely drenched in sweat! The weatherman was right, and the mercury had reached the promised temperatures 😰

In any case we’ve spent a lovely evening together and let the impressions of the day steer our conversation! Thanks again, Mum and Dad & in-laws

Well, we wish you all a wonderful weekend with sunshine and some rain for the nature 💧🌼💧🌻

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