Home Alone Again

On Wednesday, Patrik had to travel to Poole, south of England again.

Not long ago he was there on a business trip and – already suspecting that the job maybe wasn’t completely done – he’s off again.

Well, I’m used to it course. Since we met more than 20 years (OMG 😱!!!) ago, he had to travel around the world. So it would be wrong of me to suddenly start complaining.

But since we tragically lost Odin last summer it’s a very odd feeling being in the house or coming home. It suddenly became a bleak building.

We bought it in 2008 and in March 2009 we adopted Odin and his brother Thor. Which means that when Patrik was away, I still had the company of our four-legged darling boys.


Whatever we did on, and in the house, such as renovating, having visitors, getting married, experience bigger and smaller disasters, they always lived through it with us 😸

When Thor was killed in a car accident in 2015 it was more than awful, but at least we still had Odin 😿

And now? No paws are left, only bittersweet memories and an empty home.

Well, it’s said time heals wounds……. maybe. But how long does it take?

It still hurts, when I think about our first cat Gulliver. He was 14 years old when we adopted him, while we still lived in Sweden. He moved with us to Switzerland in 2006, but suddenly got very ill and one months later we had to let him go. He was 16 ½ years old 🌈

Three years later Odin and Thor enriched our lives and we enjoyed every minute with them 😺💖

So, I believe the saying, a home without a cat is just a house, must be true 🐾


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