Home Sweet Home

Well, at the moment it’s simply home, not much sweet yet 😅

We’re very busy with organizing our new life on board Luna Azzurra. The tricky thing is to set priorities. But that’s exactly the hard thing, since everything seems important and needs to be done at once…

Two weeks ago we did a quick trip to Loano with a rental bus, getting everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – we plan to have on board into our garage. And boy, it is a lot….Patrik and I said more than once, we need a bigger boat… 😮

Tuesday, March 28, was the first of my very last three working days. What a strange feeling that was. Then, Thursday arrived and I had to say good bye to my working colleagues – not without sharing some tears 😢    In the evening we took my parents out for dinner, saying THANK YOU, for letting us stay with them for free!

Friday came and we drove to Luxembourg for the weekend, saying adieu to Pascale and friends 🥂🍾❣️ We had a really good time, not much sleep and too much crémant (as usual). And of course, it wasn’t a good bye forever….we’ll soon meet again!

Afterwards, only Monday was left. In the afternoon we made some vegan fish ‘n’ chips which we enjoyed with my parents. In the evening we had a lovely meet and greet with more good byes.

Then, Tuesday April 04, came and it was time to hug and kiss my parents good bye 😳😢  Well, naturally we’ll keep in close contact and they know where we are. Plus, Loano is quite easy to reach by train.

09.30 and off we were….towards our new life on board Luna Azzurra! ⛵️

So, here we are now! Meanwhile, we have re-organized the boxes in our garage (in order to make room for our car), started rebuilding the galley a bit, swearing, wondering – and worrying – how on earth all our stuff should fit onboard (still do, though). But generally very happy, enjoying being here, slowly adjusting to our new lifestyle with all its ups and downs waiting for us.

Only the weather gods weren’t very kind to us so far. Chilly winds, gusts up to at least 25 knots, rain and a thunder storm (Thor said hello 🐾), mixed with sunshine. Well, it’s April  and it does, what it’s supposed to do! 😜







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    • ziegler doris + karl on April 10, 2023 at 11:27 am
    • Reply

    Hallo ihr Lieben 😉Wir wünschen euch alles Gute, viel Glück und bleibt gesund!
    Denkt daran: alles hat seine Zeit – nutzt und geniesst sie!
    Mit lieben Grüssen
    Mami & Paps 😊🥰❤️⛵

    1. Dankäää vielmal für die guete Wünsch 😘⛵️

    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on April 10, 2023 at 3:40 pm
    • Reply

    Hejsa ⛵️⛵️❤️❤️

    Vi önskar er ett stort Lycka till på ert nya boende.
    Vi hoppas att ni det blir så bra som ni tänkt er det!

    kramar mamma och pappa ❤️🍾🍸🍸

    1. Tack så mycket för hälsningen 😘⛵️

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