IKEA did the Trick

A while ago Patrik and I visited his most not so favourite shop: IKEA.

We still need(-ed) some things for Luna Azzurra. Above all we were looking for something suitable for the inner life of the new cupboard in the galley.


Putting things on the bare shelfs wouldn’t be so smart, as a boat is moving constantly. So our idea was to have a type of drawers or baskets sitting on the shelfs, which would hold the contents safely in place.

And as always, we wanted to avoid plastic….. which seemed to be an almost impossible task.

It had to be light, preferably transparent and the right size.

Since we didn’t have a particular product in our mind or knew what we were looking for until we saw it, we literally combed through IKEA. We found a few other handy things on our search. Such as the “laundry octopus”, two big containers to store empty bottles and cans while sailing (yes, plastic, I know…. 😳), and some small organizers made of bamboo.


In the end – and to our surprise – it was in the kid’s department, where we found what we were looking for: Solid metal-baskets. The size fit, height, look, price also…. Perfekt! We bought twelve of those (three per shelf) and three small ones.

The only problem now was that they would destroy the cupboards wooden shelfs, when pushing them out and in again. Then I remembered that I still had some neoprene cloth in the cellar, called shark skin. It’s soft on one side and sticky on the other, which would avoid the baskets sliding around 🦈

So I simply cut fitting stripes and glued them to two rails on the bottom of the baskets 😅

And, voilà:


Ready for Luna Azzurra ⛵💙

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