Impressions and a Decision

What an Easter weekend! We truly hope, yours was more relaxed than ours….

As earlier announced, we left on Thursday morning, 07.30h (yes, half an hour later than planned – and yes, because of ME!) Nevertheless, we were so unbelievably lucky with the traffic, we seriously suspected it was the wrong weekend!

Many of you might know, every long weekend there are huge traffic jams through Switzerland, especially over the alps and toward Italy! Usually, it takes ages to get to the Canton of Tessin (= Ticino, the Italian speaking part of our little country).

But we just drove without an interruption, had a break or two and arrived at our first destination, Lavagna / Italy, at approx. 2pm. There we had an appointment with a broker to look at a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43, 2001.

Well, there are no pictures of the viewing, because it was a nightmare. To be fair, we have been warned about this yacht: Not cleaned and in need of some work. But this was some kind of an understatement…… So around 4pm were said our good byes and drove further, towards Rosignano Solvay in Tuscany.

Around 17.30h we arrived at the Hotel Rosignano, which was recommended from Olga, from the MYS (Marina Yacht Sales) broker. Our next day appointment – at the marina called Cala di Medici. So, after the check-in – a beautiful, cosy and very friendly hotel by the way – we wanted to have a little look around the surroundings and the marina. But first it was time for a glass of wine around the corner. After that we found the marina and it really astonished us! Such a tidy, welcoming place, with a few boutiques, bars and a couple of restaurants. Our immediate impression was “holiday” at once! Amazing!

We found the MYS office and it was still open. It turned out to be Olga who was still there working and – a little surprised seeing us already –  she welcomed us nevertheless. Our appointment has already been settled for the next day, Friday 10am, so we just introduced ourselves quickly and wished a nice evening.

Positively impressed with her, the atmosphere from the marina and the lovely evening, we found a typical Italian pizzeria, where we had our dinner! Back at the hotel we went to bed, looking forward to the next day and the viewing of the two boats….

A sunny morning greeted us the next day so we dressed, had breakfast, checked out and arrived at the marina at 10am as agreed. There we met Olga, who was ready to show us the two yachts. Incidentally, the brand of both was a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43, from 2002.

Very professionally, Olga showed us the two boats, which were the opposite of the one the day before! Tidy, cleaned and well cared for, that was obvious. So Patrik and I were quite impressed and pleased, to be with a competent broker.

What we didn’t know was, that the bow cabin of these models are much smaller than we thought. But that’s why we drove to Italy to look at them live and get an impression, right?!

Back at the office, Olga had another boat in store for sale, a Jeanneau 42i, which lies in southern Italy. A much spacier version, with only two cabins and a real double bed in the master cabin! She showed us the pictures and of course we loved it! The only hitch was that the price was a bit over our budget….with 108’000 Euros it surely was a fair price, but sadly about 20’000 too much for us.  Well, we took the documents nevertheless, one never knows….

We also received some information about the marina, its annual costs and the provided facilities. It surely would be an excellent place to have a boat there and enjoy holidays. As mentioned in an earlier post, our idea was to rent the boat out to tourists. So of course the surroundings had to fit in as well.

Towards lunch time we had all the needed answers, we thanked her and promised to keep in touch. After a hearty good bye, we went to our car and left Rosignano Solvay.

Our next destination was Loano, up north – approx. 3hrs away. There we had an appointment for the next day (Saturday), with Elisa from the marina. She should show us the facilities and we looked very forward to that meeting. The pictures of the marinas website look very beautiful and promising!

It was after three o’clock when we arrived at the Yacht Club in Loano, where our already booked hotel room was waiting for us. After a warm welcome, we were shown our room (the NZL 60 suite  ), which simply left us speechless! What a stunning view we had from our balcony: the pretty village and the harbour with its boats and some super yachts!

By the way, all nine suites are named after a country which won the Americas Cup some time , like USA, SUI and so on.

The weather was not so pretty, unfortunately. Some heavy clouds and rainfall every now and then….yeah well, what can your do?!

Nevertheless, we went outside again and had a look around the pontoons and its boats, checked out a few restaurants and shops and found the marinas office.

Back at our room, we had a shower and – since it started to rain again – decided to have our dinner at the yacht clubs restaurant. Some vegetarian meal for me was apparently no problem. With a glass of prosecco we waited to be served  and noticed a few guests more who arrived at the restaurant.

All in all we had a nice and quiet evening, which we finished with an espresso and a grappa.

The next morning woke us with rain and a grey sky….So no hurry actually, to get up since breakfast was served until 10.30h. It was nearly ten when we had our breakfast, with a beautiful view around the harbour, despite the weather. An hour later the sun was smiling and suddenly the whole mood changed. Now we were ready in no time and went into the town of Loano, ready to discover a new place.

And –  yep – Loano is worth a special word. Such a beautiful old city, with countless little restaurants, coffees, bars and some shops. Not to mention the amazing architecture of the houses, it’s a must to look up and admire the painted facades.

Time went quick (too quick for me with all the tempting shops and boutiques….), and we had to go back to meet Elisa at the Marina di Loano at 2.30pm, who should show us everything.

When we arrived at their office, Elisa welcomed us and we sat down for a short chat. Then we went outside, in order to learn about the facilities about the marina –  we honestly were impressed and became more and more convinced, that this must be “our” marina to have a boat.

We even were lucky enough to have no rain, while we went around. As soon as we arrived back at the office, it started to rain again… funny eh?!

When we said our good byes, we promised to keep in touch of course and thanked for the very competent and friendly service. We also learned that this marina was built in 2012, so you can imagine how new and fresh everything looks.

Anyway, Cala di Medici – the beautiful marina in Rosignano – was still in our minds, but the fact that this marina has finger pontoons, outweighed our decision….that Loano would be perfect for us and our future guests on board our boat.

So, the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed in our comfortable suite with a glass of prosecco, since it was raining again. This time we decided to eat dinner at the lovely looking restaurant “Shardana Wine and Sea”, which lies just around the corner. We weren’t disappointed, the food was lovely and the wine list superb :o). We even bought a bottle of an unusual grappa, before we left!

Happy with our impressions we soon were asleep and the next morning – Sunday – the sun was shining! Our breakfast was filled with joy and a lot of talk, about the things we had to decide now.

Then, check out and a warm good bye and off we went, starting our journey back home. It was after 11h when we left Loano and drove towards Genoa and further against Switzerland.

Again, we were lucky, no traffic jam or any other problem, so with a short break, we arrived back home at nearly six in the evening. Odin came and greeted us directly, which was very comforting, of course!

Luckily, it was Easter weekend, so the Monday was still off and we had time to recover from our 1600km trip and….do some washing. Welcome to the everyday life!

So, a week has gone and this post has been published a day later than planned – sorry for that.

Meanwhile, Patrik wrote some emails, to the broker in Lavagna and said “thank you” and “no thank you” to the yacht there. Then also to Olga in Rosignano, thanking her and we would be back with an answer about the boats asap. Then, of course to Elisa, that we would contact her as soon as we have found our boat, in order to book a mooring place. Yep, Loano it will be!

For those of you, who are following us regularly: Our next post will come from Mallorca…..why? Well, surprise, surprise,  same as for us actually….hahaha!

So long!

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