Just Arrived!

Well, it’s Saturday today, but I’m writing this post beginning of this week and hope deeply, this isn’t a bad omen… 🙄

Corona news from Italy announced end of last week, that travellers from certain countries (incl. Switzerland) won’t need a 5 days quarantine and a new COVID test anymore, after the 15th of May.

Beginning of this week this message intensified, and finally Patrik and I took the chance early this morning and drove to Loano.

We’ve planned our journey very carefully, followed every movement in the Italian and Swiss newspapers and what the authorities in both countries said. Naturally, we did the COVID test and registration yesterday.

Rules, such as wearing a mask and maintain your distance still applies. Also, a curfew between 10pm and 05am.

Doesn’t matter for us, because we have no plans of going into town or socialise at all. We’ll be well-behaved, work on Luna Azzurra and remain in the marina. There is a pizzeria we might visit one evening. Being seated outside is allowed.

The trunk of our car is filled with equipment for Luna Azzurra. For example, the new electric outboard motor, holders for our SUP’s, some electrical devices for the solar panels, a lot of bits and pieces and a special treat for me: A hammock!  😎

And it’s a such a cool one:

We’ll also pick-up and rig the newly serviced mainsail. Finally, we’ll have the chance to remove the old lettering, which is a leftover from the previous Finish owner.

Furthermore, a visit at a marine upholstery in Andora is planned for next week. They have visited Patrik in February, when he was in Loano and measured the upholstery in the salon. He was also shown colour examples. Meanwhile, we’ve received an offer, which is acceptable.

Eventually, I would like to see the colours in real and since Andora is quite close to Loano, we decided to pay them a visit. An appointment has been fixed.

So, I guess, we won’t have a chilled week, but a busy one! Well, better accomplish as much as possible now, so we’ll be ready for our summer vacation in July 🌞

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