Long Time No See

Hi there!

I’m not sure what your opinion is, but mine is quite confused.

Since three weeks my dad is at home. He’s doing something called “home office” and I reckon is has a lot to do that he’s in the office all day, sitting at his desk and looks busy! He wouldn’t play with me and it’s almost impossible to distract him (I tried it, believe me!)

My mum still leaves my house every morning and returns late afternoon. The evenings are as usual, they are cooking dinner and I get my meal in time…

I’m wondering if my dad’s strange behaviour has something to do with this creature called “Corona”…?! If so, it must be almighty, since the whole world is affected, according to the news in the radio. I tell you one thing, if I would catch this…..thing, I would simply eat it and the problem would be solved! Basta!

Well, well, my life is still as pleasant as always! I sleep a lot, inspect my garden every now and then and defend it if necessary! Apparently, there is a new cat in our area, a ginger one with a short tail. I guess he had an accident once. I’m not sure yet, if I like him or not….let’s see in a while!

Anyway, this Friday my dad did not his “home office” thing, but we worked in the garden instead! Boy, it was quite a lot we did: Emptying the pots from last years plants, filling the fountain with fresh water, clipping the huge pampas grass and we did a bit of weeding. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t accomplish all the tasks I’ve asked him to do, but he did well enough – I’m very pleased with him!

Today is Saturday and again it’s a wonderful, sunny and even warm day! So it looks like we’ll start our grill later this afternoon and open this years BBQ season!

Tomorrow we’ll take it easy I guess, sleeping a lot (me) and being in the garden, maybe reading a book (mum and dad)!

Take care all of you and watch out for that horrible Corona character!   Purrs   =^.^=


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