Looong Weekend Ahead !

Tomorrow, Patrik and I have the day off (me also on Monday, hehe). We decided it’s time to catch up with our friend Pascale from Luxembourg.

We’ll drive to Bussang, a village in the Vosges, a mountain range in France. There we know a lovely camping ground where Pascale has booked a chalet for us from Friday until Sunday. Since she knows the owner very well, we even received a little price reduction 😉

On our way we’ll pick her up at the trainstation in Mulhouse. She’s tavelling by train, because a good friend of her (Hans) is also coming on Friday evening. And since he’s from the Netherlands, he’ll give her a lift home on Sunday.

Pascale also takes some animal stuff with her, such as medicine, and old blankets. A friend of mine helps to support animal shelters and strays in Turkey and in the Balkans. Every now and then they drive there with vans, where they distribute the goods. Needless to say, how grateful they are 🐶😺 Most precious are donations in the form of goods and food. So, when Pascale heard about it, she wanted to help and startet to collect things, which we’ll take to Switzerland. THANK YOU 🙏

Anyway, back to our weekend plans. We’ll spend good quality time together, talk and laugh a lot, eat 🥘 and drink 🥂 and simply enjoy eachothers company. If the weather is nice, we plan to go for a hike, let’s hope for a lot of 🌞! Otherwise there is a spa and and indoor swimming pool on the camping ground and the village even has a casino 🎰🎲….

Well, it won’t be boring, that’s for sure and time will fly by, as always!

We’ll present some pics next weeked, so stay tuned 😎

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