Luna Azzurra in Barcelona

I am right now in Barcelona and have visit Luna Azzurra yesterday together with Michael from Clipper Marine.

The visit was a last inspection of the status of repairs which we wanted to have done from Clipper Marine before we take her over. As it turned out it turned out. What a luck, cause the whole engine have been lifted ashore and been totally overhauled (two new pistons and cylinder liner, bearings, cylinder head including valves) So in the end a new engine which we even have to run in. Could just imagine what cost all this would be for us.

When we arrive in the morning the service team was still working on the engine with some last adjustments. In the end  filling up oil and coolant. First after lunch was the engine ready for a first start and it work perfect.

When the engine was up running we could finally enter inside as well to inspect whats have been done. Control of inventories and a few open issues. Seems like the old owner left everything except personal belongings. A lot of tools and spare parts was left for us which is perfect. Of course all the kitchen inventory was there as well, we will not have to bring anything with us for our sailing over to Loano.

First at five in the afternoon was the inspection finished and with a handshake Michael and I finished the deal. Now it’s all the paper works left which we hope to have ready soon.

I add a few pictures now from Luna Azzurra and I will try to take some more from Barcelona before leaving for the airport today.

In the end of the day I had a wonderful dinner in Barcelona.


    • Sigrid Starck on June 16, 2018 at 11:57 am
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    Hej ⛵️
    Det var tur att ni fick synat och testat motor mm.
    Luna Azzurra är ett fint namn. Hoppas att allt pappersarbete med båten går bra.

    Vi höres när du är hemma.

    Mamma ?

    1. Hej på er! Patrik kom hem igår – allt gick bra! Kul att ni gillar namnet 🙂

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