My first work trip from Loano

After little more than a week in Loano it was time for my first work trip. As I am used to do this in Switzerland where I know and trust how to come to the airport it. This was a new learning where I had to travel with some extra spare time calculated in.

My former experience with the Italian trains and its punctuality is not that great I booked a really early train with heaps of spare time.

As it turned out. The train came on the second and I arrived Genova airport as well exactly on the minute.

Genova airport is a quite small airport and I think it will be a good home base airport in the future.

The flights went from Genova – Munich and there a 2 hour stop. Then from Munich to San Francisco where I needed to cross the emigration.  Then the last flight for the day to San Diego. I arrived there at midnight. As I did not need a car it was only to take a taxi to the hotel.

Around 01:00 I finally had a shower and went to bed.

At 8:30 the day after my colleagues picked me up outside the hotel and we drove down to San Luis Rio Colorado where we should stay and work for a few weeks.

We arrived good and even crossing the border went good.


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