New Ideas and Bad News

Since last Sunday morning, Patrik has been away again.

This time he had to travel to Sweden, to work on board the Gothenburg-Kiel ferry. Yesterday, Saturday evening he came home again.

I’ve been busy with being creative and enjoyed trying some new stuff and here is the result:

On Friday I went to a Tattoo Shop to discuss the possibility to display a few pieces of my jewelry!  And yes, I can! On December 22nd they will have an Open House Party with “Gluhwein” (spiced red wine) among other wintery things, and they would love to show my work. Cool, I’m excited about it!

Otherwise, not much happened….autumn definitely has arrived with some mighty storms, especially in the southern part of Switzerland and Italy. The more southerly the worse the devastation was…Even Sardinia wasn’t spared! Terrible !!

And the mountains got their first snowfall.

I have been monitoring the webcam of the Marina di Loano more than usual…it looks quite uncomfortable I must say, with rain and strong winds. Luckily, the staff of the marina does inspection rounds three times a day, in order to make sure, the yachts are safely moored! That’s soothing, of course.

Anyhow, Matteo reported this week, that Luna Azzura’s bimini has been ripped in pieces – damn! I asked him to close the sprayhood, which he did. Thank God we have him on site!

Nevertheless, Patrik and I hope, the weather will calm down until Christmas holidays. It would be nice spending a few days on Luna Azzurra.

Apropos, we organized the name and logo for her, look:

Beautiful, isn’t it? So we can’t wait to give her the proper lettering. Sadly, that won’t be happening until spring. Then we’ll have to clean her hull and polish it for real! After that we can apply the name and the logo! Yeah well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…..

It doesn’t get boring, though, that’s for sure!

We wish you all a great time and stay warm and dry! So long  ???


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