Nothing goes according to Plan!

Right now we don’t know yet, when we’ll be ready to start our journey and pick up the boat! Sometime next week, we hope….. But this is our nerve-racking story so far, and meanwhile, we arrived at plan D or H, or so……

Since Patrik came home from the States on 01st June, he was almost daily in contact with Michael from Clipper Marine in Mallorca.

So, the goods news were, that the wharf in Barcelona, where DORAH was getting fixed, was working full power to get her finished on 11th or 12th June 2018! Well, we already had this information, but between 02nd and 04th June, it suddenly became reality!

That meant we had to organize a lot of things – and in a rush (or so we thought)!


For example, to convince our bosses that we need to move our two weeks summer vacation forward, starting on 11th June, instead of end of July.

We also had to buy the whole household stuff for a boat, and we mean everything, from complete bed accessories, full kitchen equipment, toilet things, towels.… name it….

So on Saturday, 02nd June we drove to IKEA (haha, such a cliché) and luckily found almost everything – also in the needed quantities.

Towels, deco pillows and plaids didn’t make us happy, though – IKEA didn’t have the colors we had in mind. So these we had to buy somewhere else – more phone calls and driving around…(but we found what we were looking for ;o) I’m very pleased).

Then, of course, we need to have an insurance. Fortunately, Patrik had been thinking ahead, so all the needed information and the insurance company is ready, which more or less means, just signing the contract (let’s hope that’s true, at least!).

To register DORAH under the Maltese flag and under the new name LUNA AZZURRA was is trickier. Bloody hell, we had no idea…!!

Michael supports us as much as possible, together with the main office of Clipper Marine, which is located in England. Beginning/middle of week 23 the necessary documents were finally ready, but Clipper Marine didn’t have the experience to do the Malta registration.

Therefore, Patrik had to contact the English company again, which are specialized for Maltase flag registration. It was a benefit for us that he was in touch with them before, so not everything was new.

(Meanwhile we take back the “specialized”!!!)

Nevertheless, it turned out that Patrik had to be present in Barcelona, when signing the documents…. (haha, another joke!) Meanwhile, it was Wednesday evening, 06th June and sadly we realized, that the pick-up of LUNA AZZURRA had to be postponed.

So Patrik and Michael agreed, that they would meet on Friday morning, 15th June, at the Barcelona airport. Together, they would inspect the boat, and in case something was missing or not done properly, it could be complained at once. And they would accomplish the paperwork of course (YEP!).

At least the boat will be checked and ready, when we’ll pick it up…some day….!

The next day Patrik was home again.

Anyhow, since we have to arrange the vacation with our working colleagues, the next possible date to pick-up our boat was at the beginning of July 2018.

Luckily, our bosses and working colleagues understand our situation and took the change easy.

Ah, but in between, a happy happening happened: On Saturday 09th June, Patrik and I were invited at M&M’s place, to celebrate Michaela’s 50th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear “Michi-Mouse” – our best wishes for you! So that was a cool thing and since our trip had been postponed, we were able to enjoy the party for real – including the hang-over! *hehe*


Back to reality: Flights from Nice to Barcelona have to be booked and last but not least, Cony has to be asked if she could take care of Odin (well, she already knows about it, of course, and luckily she’s is also flexible ;o))

The original plan was, to leave on Tuesday, 03rd July (very early) morning, and drive towards Loano/Italy. It’s still the same plan, but another date…

We will park our IKEA-filled car at the Marina di Loano, in our rented garage. Then register at the marinas office (which hopefully doesn’t take too much time) and finally we will have to catch the train to Nice.

In Nice we will have a hotel room booked and the next day we will fly to Barcelona, which only takes about 2 hours. So around lunchtime we’ll arrive at the harbor and hopefully meet Michael. It’ll be nice, seeing him again and saying good bye in person (that’s still the plan)!

Since the vessel was already been checked earlier by Patrik and Michael, we’ll only have to buy groceries and enough water and maybe this and that for the boat (I’m almost sure we have forgotten a few things…).

It depends what time we’ll e been finished with everything. Maybe we could leave Barcelona the same day….Otherwise, we’ll have sleep on board our LUNA AZZURRA and leave early the day after. It also depends, what the weather is doing, of course!

Hopefully, everything goes according to plan — NO, as we know now, it doesn’t — and we’ll experience a wonderful adventure, sailing to Loano (that will still come true!). We reckon it will take between three and four days, depending on the winds and which route we choose.

We have two options: 1. From Barcelona northerly to San Sebastian and from there crossing the Gulf of Lion to the marina in Cassis. From there it would be quite comfortable, sailing along the beautiful coastline, passing St. Tropez, Monaco and all the other famous places!

Option 2: From Barcelona to Menorca, from there to Corsica and further, towards Loano. Certainly also a very attractive route… So actually I’m quite glad it will mainly be the Weather Gods who decide how we sail, and not only Patrik and me!

I must admit, I’m a wee bit nervous…. But Patrik is “calmness itself” (as usual, and it sometimes drives me nuts) and I have to trust him a 100% ! He is the skipper, after all….

Anyhow, please wish us luck and if everything works out, our next post will be published from……?!                 *ho-hoooooo*



    • Sigrid Starck on June 30, 2018 at 12:03 pm
    • Reply

    Hej Diana Och Patrik

    Du eeh ni har väl flytvästar till er. VIKTIGT!!

    Lycka till!

    Sigrid och Jörgen

    • Wolford on June 30, 2018 at 11:42 pm
    • Reply

    Have been taking little over a month.

    1. yep, and it goes on…. ?

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