Of Skulls, No Wind and Dolphins !

But the night had also its beautiful side: We saw so many stars, like, millions! Even one or two shooting stars were visible! THAT was truly amazing! Unfortunately, with the light pollution these days, you don’t see the sky anymore!

We also experienced incredible sunsets and sunrises, with nothing around us, than……the sea!

Except….the first early morning, around five, we saw “something” far away and it didn’t take long, until we realized, these were dolphins! WOW, and you know what? They suddenly decided to visit us! It was totally crazy, at least seventy dolphins swam around our boat, playing, jumping, speeding, looking at us by swimming sideways…..It was absolutely the best ever! During the day and in the evening we had a few more visits of these amazing creatures and each time Patrik and I couldn’t believe our lucky stars!