Working in Piedmont, Italy

I went back to Italy again, but this time for work. It was to help a a friend and colleague from Italy to commission a power plant. This power plant is used in a PET bottle recycling plant. Before I could come in to this plant I had to visit a doctor in Milan on …

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Supriiiiiiise !!

Two weeks ago – Patrik and I indulged in the “dolce far niente” in our garden – the doorbell rang suddenly! Who the *** could that be? On a Sunday afternoon? However, it was a lovely surprise: My friend Claudia and her friend Fredi had come with their antique mopeds – hers is from 1965! …

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Bye Bye Chevy

I presumed it would take quite a while to sell a 20 year old car, even though it’s well-kept with a fair number showing on the meter.

Boy, was I wrong! The car was sold after not even thirty hours on the net! 

The nice thing is that the new owner is a real American car fan.

Happy Golden Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 10th and last Sunday the family had a get together, in order to celebrate this special occasion adequately.

It took place in a small setting, consisting of my brothers with family, my parents of course and Patrik and myself – a total of 14 people.

My mum organized the day a while ago, and so we met at 10 a.m. in the most beautiful weather in Weesen, in the canton of St. Gallen. A touristy town, which lies at the “Walensee”. 

Back onboard Luna Azzurra

I Needed to finish up a few things before our holiday later this summer:

Installation of the anchor chain counter. 
Service on the engine (oil, filters, water pump etc.). 
Installation of the inverter. 
Installation of a healing meter.

A Lovely Trip

Patrik and I decided to take the day off on Friday.

After the pandemic we were finally able to visit my 94-year-old aunt, who lives in “Brunnen”, central Switzerland.

A Successful Week

Then the new Raymarine radar was installed! That also took its time, since first I had to haul up Patrik a couple of times. My turn came as well (still afraid of hights, though), as I had to feed the new cable through the small hole in the mast. It was too heavy for me to pull it down on deck.

Afterwards, Patrik had to get up again in order to mount the new radar. In the end – and after several tests – the case was closed, and the updated instrument works perfectly *check* 

Patrik’s next job was to install the new depth-sounder. That work was also completed nicely and now we can measure the depth again, what a relief! It makes boating a lot easier ⛵

Stop the Bloodbath