It’s Time to Empty The Tanks

Today Patrik and I post a theme which is a special heartfelt wish to us.

The 07th of May marks the 10th anniversary of the Empty The Tanks Worldwide Event. It’s a global call to action to end the dolphin and whale captivity and pressure the marine park industry to stop using animas for entertainment.

So undoubtedly, we wanted to be a part of this movement!

Älper One-Pot, Vegan 

This is a traditional Swiss meal (well, not the vegan version though… *haha*). 
Typically, it’s cooked in central Switzerland and the Alps. In some cantons it’s accompanied with salad, in others apple puree is served instead.
Either way, it’s a delicious dish and this is my first attempt to do it as a one-pot and vegan version. 

It serves 2-3.
Patrik and I unanimously agreed that the result turned out to be absolutely tasty 👍


Did you all have a pleasant Easter weekend? We certainly hoppy so 🐰🌷🐥

Naturally, we spent the days in Bella Italia, on our sailing yacht. The weather supposed to be sunny during the whole weekend, though windy with some nasty gusts in between. Temps were promised around 18-22 deg. C. Well, good enough for us 🌞

Happy Easter🐣!

We Wish you All A Wonderful Easter!  🐥🌷🐰🌞  

Avoiding Plastic – It Continues

As you may recognize, the scrubbing sponges are made of luffa, which is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family. Surprisingly, they really are effective and remove burnt food residues without scratching the surfaces.

You can even wash them several times at 60°C and when they are used up, you just throw them on your compost.

Shetland Island

To come to Shetland Island is not that easy and quick. From Switzerland I needed three flights. First Zurich- Amsterdam then Amsterdam – Aberdeen then last Aberdeen – Shetland. It took me 10 hours to make this trip.

A perfect skiing holiday

Every morning we ended up skiing between 30 and 35 km whit a few quite long runs of 6 – 7 km which felt really wonderful.

We did find our perfect place to relax in the afternoons too. It is a restaurant/ bar named Sture Bock  / Parsennhütte which had the best ever service we have had during our years of skiing. As we where so good customer too we always gott a wonderful spot to site every afternoon.

Stop the Bloodbath