Mission (Almost) Accomplished

We’ve had a really good week in Loano!

Not weather-wise, but we weren’t in Italy for the – anyway hardly existing – sunshine! We wanted to do some important work and get Luna Azzurra ready for our summer vacation!

So, what did we do?

Patrik has connected the solar panels and all five are beautifully working! He can control them via his tablet. Now we have our own little solar power station 🌞 But what a drudgery that was….

A Week Has Gone

Sunday today and we’re home again! Amazing, how time flies by!

We had quite a lot to do and accomplished most of what we wanted!

Unfortunately, therefore, we hadn’t have enough time to write a proper post this week, sorry for that…

Just Arrived!

Well, it’s Saturday today, but I’m writing this post beginning of this week and hope deeply, this isn’t a bad omen… 🙄

Corona news from Italy announced end of last week, that travellers from certain countries (incl. Switzerland) won’t need a 5 days quarantine and a new COVID test anymore, after the 15th of May.

Beginning of this week this message intensified, and finally Patrik and I took the chance early this morning and drove to Loano.

We’ve planned our journey very carefully, followed every movement in the Italian and Swiss newspapers and what the authorities in both countries said. Naturally, we did the COVID test and registration yesterday.

Should I Stay or Should I Go…… ?

So, once again we find ourselves in the same shitty situation as last year! About travelling to Loano I mean.

Even though the corona situation in Italy gets slowly better and they start to open-up, step-by-step.

Right now, when travelling from Switzerland, you still need to do a Covid-19 rapid test and you need to register yourself in the region you are staying. Additionally, you must isolate yourself for 5 days and after that do a new Covid test.

That’s valid until the 15th, according to the Italian authorities. After that – we assume – the isolation and additional test will be omitted.

Since we already had to cancel our Easter trip, all our hopes are now set for next week and Whitsuntide!

Avoiding Plastic Continues

Buying fruits and veggies at a wholesaler is still a challenge. We try to avoid packaging wherever possible. Funnily, most of the organic products are wrapped in plastic and stupidly enough, singly. Each egg plant in its own plastic bag, or zucchini, fennel, … you name it! Ridiculous!

Whereas conventionally grown products you find often loose and you can pack them in your fabric bag you brought along.

Therefore, I often choose non-organic stuff – nevertheless every time wondering, what choice actually would have been the better one regarding the environment….

Helmsman seat status

As you probably have heard already, we or I lost our helmsman seat overboard last summer.

It was bad in swimming so we did not manage to get it back onboard as it sunk so quick.

We have tried to find a new to buy but nowhere to be found, not even by Bavaria direct.

It is not really a necessary part of Luna Azzurra but it is quite convenient to have. Nice when you are laying back there or when in a marina with high pontoons, we can place a gangway from this helmsman seat over to the pontoon. Last summer when we where in San Remo this was the case and even though it did work without. The slope or angle we had between Luna Azzurra and the pontoon was really big. So not that comfortable to walk on.

Time Travel

No marina, no hotels (none that’s visible anyway), no tourist industry. Only a few fishing boats. It looks like a peaceful, sleepy and quaint little village. The ancient cathedral, Convento di Monte Carmelo, is about the only recognisable building in the picture, plus probably the big white building, which is the Villa Chiara today, a B&B.

The story to the card is actually simple: Back in 1977 me (10 years old), with my parents, my two younger brothers and my auntie were on vacation in Borghetto Santo Spirito – the village west of Loano.

Stop the Bloodbath