Minty Salon

This project started already a year ago. And continued last summer, with getting an offer and accepting it. Patrik and I even drove to their workshop in Andora once, while we were in Loano. We wanted to choose the exact colour and discuss all the details (thread colour, backside mesh, type of seam, etc). We knew we wanted to have an Alcantara-like fabric and, if possible, a turquoise/mint-green type of shade. 


Last week my brother André and I decided spontaneously, to go out for dinner on Friday evening. So we did, together with his partner Nadia and I took Patrik with me.André wanted to try the restaurant in our village, called “Frohsinn”, so I booked a the last table there.


The drive on Friday went very well. No traffic jam, except around Zurich. At 2 p.m. we picked Pascale up from the train station in Mulhouse. From there it took us about an hour more to the beautiful camping ground “Domaine de Champé” in Bussang.

The check-in was smoothly done, and we moved into our chalet. It was very comfy, super clean and lovely decorated in a rustic kind of style with a lot of wood and hearts.

Looong Weekend Ahead !

Tomorrow, Patrik and I have the day off (me also on Monday, hehe). We decided it’s time to catch up with our friend Pascale from Luxembourg. We’ll drive to Bussang, a village in the Vosges, a mountain range in France. There we know a lovely camping ground where Pascale has booked a chalet for us …

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Furry Weekend

This weekend my “old” girlfriend Manu, we know each other since kindergarten, came and visited us.

But she didn’t come alone. She took her dog Alaska, a former stray from Italy which she adopted in October 2019, and her two young cats with her.

Well, I believe, the cat’s story is worth a few extra lines:

Home Alone Again

On Wednesday, Patrik had to travel to Poole, south of England again.

Not long ago he was there on a business trip and – already suspecting that the job maybe wasn’t completely done – he’s off again.

Well, I’m used to it course. Since we met more than 20 years (OMG 😱!!!) ago, he had to travel around the world. So it would be wrong of me to suddenly start complaining.

Folding bikes

We have been missing to have bicycles onboard. I started to look for small folding bikes which is easy to store onboard when not in use.

You can find folding bikes with a price range from € 250 to € 2000. Then both manual and electric bikes are included. A electric bike is my number one option.

Stop the Bloodbath