Milking without Cows

I loved the idea immediately, since it has loads of benefits. Here are a few:

– No more waste (Tetra Pak)
– No animal cruelty
– Sustainable
– You know exactly what it contains
– You can process oat, nuts, rice, hemp, peas, etc. and combine it after your taste
– The remaining pulp can be used for porridge, baking, muesli, whatever…
– You preserve the environment
– For each purchased machine they plant 5 trees and donate 1% for the planet
– And, last but not least, in the end you safe quite a lot of money, by doing your plant-based drink by yourself

Sailing – Loano – Porquerolles no: 2 – 2022

A second video from our sailing trip between Loano and Porquerolles.
This time the material comes from our GoPro cameras so it is a little more sailing experience.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Sailing Loano – Porquerolles 2022


Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Seven

In the afternoon of the 06th we had an appointment in Genoa with Quantum Sails. We need new sails (main and genoa) and Patrik had already received an offer from them. Since we were so close, we decided to pay them a visit and make up our minds in situ about the last few details. Alberto, from Balbi (boat chandler located in Loano, Savona and new in Genoa) had arranged the meeting and would accompany us.

We also looked forward to see the marina in Genoa and then spend the night in Melide/Ticino, where a room was already booked at the hotel “Riviera”. A REAL bed was waiting for us ☺

Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Six

The next day we were woken up ruggedly at 07 a.m. A storm was raging outside, with rain, gusts up to 30 knots and at least ½ m waves (in the bay)! We were glad that we took the weather forecast seriously a couple of days ago, when thunderstorms and high waves were promised. Therefore, we now were so close to Loano, only a stone’s throw away!

Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Five..

It was like an oven in the marina, but the surrounding was pretty, and we looked forward to visit the town. After the registering at the harbour office, we took a short stroll around and bought some fresh salad for dinner. Tomorrow we would do a proper visit and grocery shopping. We also planned to do some sightseeing, “Villa Kérylos”, a replica of an ancient Greek villa, seemed like a good choice.

Said and done! The next morning was sunny and hot again. Firstly, we did the grocery shopping, brought everything back to the boat and left again, in search for the villa.

Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Four

Anyway, the next day we left the island and headed for Baie de Bonporteau. ETA was scheduled for 2 p.m. and after a calm (without wind) trip we dropped the anchor. As always for us (but WHY???), it took two attempts for the anchor to hold safely. The bay was very crowded, and a service boat made its rounds, selling ice cream, soft drinks, snacks, and even prosecco 😉

Stop the Bloodbath