Guess what! Since this week we own a brand new electric outboard engine for our dinghy! Awesome!

The choice was between a Torqueedo and Eprolusion. Both well known brands with good results!

But in the end the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus persuaded us more.


A Matter of Conscience

But I had no idea, what exact resources are needed to satisfy this new growing, “clean” industry. The most sought-after raw materials are the so called “rare-earth metals”. Apparently, China has worldwide most occurrence of these precious materials.

Sadly, as so often, the environment pays the high price for humans endless greed.

The pictures where shocking! Huge mines are destroying the nature. Water is needed in unimaginable quantities, which gets contaminated and generates toxic lakes. The air around is loaded with poisonous particles. Not only does it kill the workers in these mines and factories, but it turns hundreds of square kilometres around it into a hostile dead area.

Red Flag

Well, in two weeks Easter is just around the corner and, therefore, we’ll enjoy a long weekend!

Which is lovely of course. Patrik I were planning to spend those days in Loano, working on Luna Azzura. We even wanted to take off the 01st of April to have one extra day.

It looks like it won’t be more than a plan. Because Italy announced to change the whole country into a red zone, which means the highest risk zone. The purpose of this is to prevent local people from travelling, visiting friends and family.


I hope you’re all doing fine and are healthy!

Me too! And I know because I’ve had a check-up not long ago. My mum drove me to my vet (without asking me though) and after a short waiting time it was our turn.

It was the usual as every year:  It startet with me refusing to leave the transport box. As always I didn’t stand a chance against the vet and his assistant. Mum was sitting in a corner, looking all innocent and sorry for me *yeah-yeah*.

A New Solar Panel Arch

Installing Victron MPPT’s (solar panel chargers) and a BMV-712 smart. The 712 is for monitoring power consumption or charging of our batteries. For this to work I had to pull a lot of cables around the boat. Everyone who have a boat, knows very well that this can be a challenge. As the room is tight and to get the cables trough from compartment to compartment is tricky. That is one reason why no post came out last week. Was to occupied with jobs onboard (sorry for this)

Back to Purfectly Normal

My furiends! I hope you are as happy as I am!

Finally, my house is as it was before. No more strangers with noisy machines and funny equipment.

My food and water bowls are back in place, as are my furniture. I decided to keep my bed upstairs for the moment, because…. well, because 😊

But wait! Not everything is as it was! We have – of course – the new and beautiful parquet floor! It not only looks amazing it also feels lovely on my paws. Really velvety! I love it very much ♥

Stop the Bloodbath