Did you all have a pleasant Easter weekend? We certainly hoppy so 🐰🌷🐥

Naturally, we spent the days in Bella Italia, on our sailing yacht. The weather supposed to be sunny during the whole weekend, though windy with some nasty gusts in between. Temps were promised around 18-22 deg. C. Well, good enough for us 🌞

Since we haven’t seen Luna Azzurra for such a long time, Patrik and I took two extra days off and left already on Wednesday, early morning. Two o’clock in the afternoon we arrived at the marina and got settled quite soon.


Then we went to a nearby grocery shop to buy a few veggies and salad.

We spent the evening on board and had an early night, tired but happy! 😴

The highlight was on Thursday, because my parents arrived in the evening at the Loano train station!

After two attempts – due to the pandemic – they finally made it!

Of course, Patrik and I picked them up (the train arrived 18.25, twenty minutes delayed…. No surprise there 😉) and drove them to their hotel “Excelsior”, which is only a few minutes by foot from the marina.

An hour later I picked them up again and we went to our boat for a quick introduction. At eight o’clock was our table booked at the restaurant “Sacripante Osteria“. Patrik and I went there during lunch time and booked a table. I “warned” them then that I’m vegan but apparently it wasn’t a problem….

…..which they proved a hundred times worth  in the evening! We all agreed that this restaurant offers an outstanding service, excellent dishes and is hosted by incredibly amiable staff! It’s not cheap, but certainly worth every cent we’ve spent there! This surely won’t be our last visit ❤

Afterwards my parents were tired and went back to the hotel, while Patrik and I returned to Luna Azzurra. Our plan was to sail out the next day. My dad hat to prove that he was seaworthy 🤢


A sunny Good Friday morning greeted us. No more gusts, but sadly the wind was a bit chilly. 

Nevertheless, at 10 o’clock my parents arrived in good spirits and half an hour later we were on our way out. Filling up the diesel tank first (surprisingly only  EUR 1.93/l) and off we went, towards Punta Crena. 

Unfortunately, we only had between 3 and 5 knots and after a sad attempt to hoist the mainsail, we soon gave up again and motored to our anchor spot. 

After we were safely anchored, we prepared some lunch and enjoyed the sunshine and the view. 

Around 15.30 we were ready to leave and returned to the marina. My dad didn’t become seasick, by the way, a true seaman ⚓ My mum knew that she is a mermaid, so she didn’t have to worry 🧜‍♀️!



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