Although, we rarely use batteries, it always bothered us when we had to change from old to new.                      Of course, the old ones went into the recycle bag, but still….

In order to avoid the use of batteries, we often didn’t even change them and let the unnecessary lamps or gadgets unused. Which also was a bit of a shame.

Lately, we discovered that rechargeable batteries exist on the market. Well, we already knew they existed. When still using e-cigarettes, we bought some rechargeable ones. But we never were really satisfied.

However, this section has also developed a lot and we thought we would give this model a chance:


If it’s true what they promise, each batterie can be charged up to 1200 times! This would be amazing and saves not only resources, but also money.

Although, they come not cheap but in the end it will be worth it – well, hopefully 🍀

So far we are satisfied and enjoy the little extra lights in our house, especially during the dark winter months 🌟

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