Reorganization in the Galley….erm Kitchen

This is another little step towards our planned move onto Luna Azzurra.

When living on board it’s very important to store food like pasta, rice, flour, sugar, muesli….you name it, safely in a container. Not only to keep it dry and fresh, but also to prevent it from getting bugs inside the package.

(Well, apparently insects are a healthy protein source…. But luckily I’m vegetarian/vegan and don’t eat animals….. so, thanks but no thanks 😉)

Anyway, already a while ago I started to look around, getting ideas about what would be suitable for us.           A “no-go” was plastic!

In the end I settled on glass containers. Firstly, you can see what and how much is inside and secondly, they are easy to clean. No smells and/or discolouration is left behind.

The ones I found are available in 3l, 2l, 1.5l, 750ml and 500ml. Also, a very important plus is that they are square-cut. That saves a lot of space in a cupboard, especially crucial in a boat galley.

So, my next thought was, why wait? Wouldn’t it be better to get used to these new storage containers (and with it the limited variety of foods) while still here? That way, I also get to know which sizes are more usable than others or if I would need some different ones.

It seems more logical to me this way! That day we pack up and leave for good I just have to grad these glass containers and place them in the galley cupboards – finito!

In case I’ll find the time I’d love to start making preserves! It’ll especially come handy with the boat life, being able to do as much as possible by yourself instead of buying cans!

Well, in other words I slowly start my boat life already while still living in our house! It also feels good, by the way, rises the anticipation  😊

On this note: Ahoy and so long folks!

Sailing – The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill, while going nowhere slowly at great expense.”

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