On The Road To Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Video 2017

My / our dear friend Pascale, who lives in Luxembourg, had her “five-zero”- birthday on March 28th!

If THAT wasn’t a reason to plan a trip to the little Grand Duchy…… The invitation hang on our fridge for quite a while now, so finally the weekend has arrived and we looked very forward to see each other (and many more friends) again. Over New Year it was the last time, at Doris and Rolf’s place!

The birthday party was planned for Saturday evening, April 1st. So Patrik and I decided to leave home already on Friday after work, , spend the night in a nice hotel and arrive in Luxembourg well-rested and ready to party!

Four o’clock we were ready, the sun was shining and Odin’s cat sitter Cony was organized – and off we were.

The plan was ACTUALLY, to drive through Vosges – a beautiful mountain range in France, on the way to Luxembourg. Very scenic with pretty villages and lovely, cosy-looking hotels.

Well, somehow we missed a sign and drove wrong differently. So after about four hours drive, we arrived at a village, called Gérardmer and settled on the hotel “Beau Rivage”, which lies directly at the lake. A quick shower and – since it was already after eight – we decided to eat dinner at the hotels restaurant.

Patrik’s meal apparently was very nice – he had some Angus steak with veggies. But my so much acclaimed mixed salad was such a disappointment…. well, we were in France after all, and unfortunately, they are still not used to vegetarians….very sad!

At least the wine we’ve ordered was fantastic and so the evening slowly came to an end – before eleven o’clock we were in bed.

After breakfast the next morning, we checked out at 10.30h and left Gérardmer. According to the GPS, we were about 2.5 hrs away from Hoscheid, the village in Luxembourg, were the party was and our hotel room was waiting for us.

Sure enough, after a relaxing drive we arrived at the “Hotel des Ardennes” after lunch and already met our friends Doris and Rolf, who sat in the restaurant, enjoying an expresso. Patrik and I checked in quickly, carried the luggage to our lovely room and joined our friends downstairs.

During afternoon more and more friends, who also were invited, showed up and there was a big “hello” and “how are you”. Many we haven’t seen since last summer.

Soon it was time to get ready and I couldn’t wait to finally meet Pascale! She rented a room for her party in the leisure facility, which was about a 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

After six thirty Patrik and I arrived there – just in time – and we could finally congratulate Pascale give her the presents and many hugs! Oh, it was super, to see her again 🙂

According to her, we were around 100 people and the atmosphere was a happy one. Meeting and greeting, laughing a lot, enjoying the drinks, the food and the band….well, it couldn’t have been better and the time went far too quick!

I have to admit, I couldn’t tell you the exact time, when we left the party and went back to the hotel….but it was still dark outside *hahaha*

Anyway, after a few hours sleep, we met for breakfast….at least a few of us. Pascale and Pat – her partner – were also there. Despite lack of sleep, everyone was talking, laughing and many enjoyed already a glass of Crémant (not me, though).

Unfortunately, time went too quick and after a couple of hours it was time to say goodbye….although, not before promising that we will meet soon again. After all, Luxembourg and Switzerland is not THAT far away from each other. Or, Pascale and I could meet halfway for a weekend 🙂

What a splendid idea…..it made the farewell a tiny bit easier! So long, everybody!!

As you noticed, instead of photo’s we try this post with a short movie, which we made during our trip to Luxembourg. We are still learning and improvement is necessary! But we are on track 🙂

Wish you all great week and take care!


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