About the Marina di Loano – Coordinates 44°08′,15 N 08°16′,17 E

Luna Azzurra is not available for rental at the moment. 

VHF channel 09 – Marina office: info@marinadiloano.it

The “Marina di Loano” with its exclusive yacht club “YCML”, must be one of the most stunning places to be (well, when it comes to marinas in the Med)!

We almost couldn’t believe our eyes, when we visited beginning of 2018. Built in 2012, everything is still new and very modern. Not only the finger pontoons persuaded us, but also the luxury of the sanitary units and the whole marina atmosphere!

When approaching the marina by car, with its parking lot you’ll find the marina’s office. In case you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact them, the stuff is very friendly and will gladly assist you.

Some restaurants and bars are available and a couple of appropriate shops are completing the Mediterranean holiday atmosphere – splendid!

Enjoy a stroll on the beautiful promenade to the historical and picturesque town of Loano. There you’ll find countless little restaurants, bars and enough boutiques to enjoy an exciting shopping afternoon or evening. Also, numerous grocery shops are present, offering their fresh veggies and fruits.

Do you dive? The ‘Marina Diving Center’, lies just across the northerly part of the yacht harbor. Or simply spend a lazy day on the beach which you’ll find close to the marina, go for a swim or build sand castles with your kids. Even a dog beach for our four legged friends hasn’t been forgotten!

The Surrounding

It’s nice to know that in case you don’t feel like driving a car, Loano has its own train station, from where one can easily reach the most desirable destinations along the coast.  Not only Loano itself is worth a visit, but also its neighbors, such as Pietro Ligure or Borghetto Santo Spirito. The nature, which surrounds the cities, with its gentle hills is famous for hiking.

San Remo can be reached in about 20 minutes by car. In case you are planning a longer trip, Genoa to the east and Nice to the west, along the coastline, are only about 60 km away and – while you’re at it – why not visit the posh princedom of Monaco?

How does it work?

When traveling by car, a free parking space is reserved for your vehicle. One can choose between outside parking or underground parking.

After your arrival you’ll be welcomed by our business partner, who will show and explain the boat to you.

He is our important contact, since he is taking care of LUNA AZZURA and our guests, when we are not on-site (which is most of the time, sadly)!

So, please contact him, if you have a problem or questions concerning the boat.

With the “Marina di Loano” batch card (which you’ll receive, once you’re on board LUNA AZZURRA, together with the keys for the boat), you can enter and leave the parking lot. There are two cards available and they are also your key to the sanitary units.

In order to access water and electricity, there is a further (round) batch on board.

Needless to say, but please take care of these keys. We would hate having to charge you, when losing them.

One can rent LUNA AZZURRA with or without a sailing license. These are the prices when:

Staying in the Marina di Loano – B&B (without sailing licence):

High season: 1st June – 31st September

1 night € 260.- incl. end cleaning

1 week € 1400.- incl. end cleaning

Low season: 1st October – 31st May

1 night € 200.- incl. end cleaning

1 week € 1100.- incl. end cleaning

Check in:          17.00h

Check out:       10.00h

In case you already have some camping experience, then you can roughly imagine what to expect. Well……aside from living on a boat, instead of a camper or tent, obviously.

Bareboat (with sailing license):

NOTE: Two life vests are stored in each cabin, under the bench. Six in total!

High season: 1st June – 31st September

2 nights € 600.- + € 100 cleaning

1 week € 2100.- + € 100 cleaning

2 weeks € 4200.- + € 100 cleaning

Low season: 1st October – 31st May

2 nights € 600.- + € 100 cleaning

1 week € 1680.- + € 100 cleaning

2 weeks € 3360.- + € 100 cleaning

A deposit of € 2’500.- is demanded and will be refund after returning LUNA AZZURRA in sound condition (only for bareboat guests).

IMPORTANT: Before returning LUNA AZZURRA, her diesel tank must be filled up. When entering the marina by boat, the service station lies on the right hand side. Not following this request, you’ll be charged an extra € 100.- inconvenience cost, plus € 3.- per litre diesel. So, please keep in mind the diesel tank when returning the boat after your stay.

Are you interested? Please visit the following sites: www.letyourboat.com and/or www.clickandboat.com

On our LUNA AZZURRA you’ll will find everything for a comfortable stay:

Coming down the stairs, a fully equipped kitchen (galley) is awaiting you. Complete with a gas stove/oven, two fridges, two kitchen sinks, all the dishes one needs to cook and eat, glasses, cutlery, …you name it….including an eco-friendly dishwashing agent and tea towels.

We would like to point out that we chose knowingly ceramic tableware and real glasses. So if something accidentally goes overboard, at least it doesn’t hurt the environment, with even more plastic pollution, as it sadly already is!

Opposite the galley, a bright and comfy salon with a big table, will welcome you and invites for social gatherings.

Then, to the left (port side) there is a toilet with a shower and behind you (aft), you’ll find the two well sized and comfy double cabins.

When staying in the marina, we recommend to use the sanitary units on land. We promise, they are absolutely clean and luxurious – you’ll be thrilled! Plus there you can use whatever shower gel/shampoo etc. you like. On board we would like you to use the soap installed on the wall. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment.

Opposite the bathroom sits the chart table. Please do not play with any of its equipment – its exclusively for the skipper to use! Raising an alarm by accident can be very costly and has to be paid by the causer. Thank you for respecting this!

Going thru the galley and salon you come to the front (bow) of the boat. There you’ll find the spacious master/skippers cabin with the ensuite toilet.

Good to know: All cabins are fully equipped with pillows, blankets, an extra spread and – of course – bed linen. You’ll also find enough bath towels. Please do not use them on the beach or on deck. (Beach towels are the only towels you’ll have to bring by yourself).


We deliberately have no TV on board, but you’ll find some games in a salons cupboard – in case the summerly weather takes a short brake. Please do not hesitate to use them, if you feel like it!

In the salon you’ll also find a basket with useful information about the marina, Loano, its surroundings, what to do, and – last but not least – important phone numbers and names, such as the marina office. 

There you’ll also find our guest book. Please feel free to use it, we do look forward to read your comments, suggestions and inspirations!

Being outside – on deck – well, if you are staying in the marina, just enjoy being on board and take advantage of the well sized cockpit, or explore the remaining space in order to find a comfy place to read a book or doze off for a little while.

Pets on Board

Although, we do love animals, unfortunately we cannot allow pets on board Luna Azzurra. Your dog might be small and/or well trained, but maybe the next one isn’t. Therefore, please understand we have to decline booking requests, involving pets. Anyway, pets are welcome at the marinas yacht club. You may consider to stay there?

IMPORTANT: Please do not throw anything over board, whether it’s food or waste. It could seriously harm the environment! The Marina di Loano has numerous exemplary recycling stations, please use those.     Thank you!

Stop the Bloodbath