Snoopy Me !

Hello, my friends! As you probably know, my Mum and Dad are home again….yeah!

They went away for two weeks, but this time it wasn’t so bad! I received plenty of love and cuddles from our neighbor, Cony and her kids! Even my Mum’s Mum and Dad visited a couple of times, mainly to water the garden, but also to make sure, that I’m ok! It was too hot to do silly things anyway with over 30 deg. C, so I was sleeping away most days!

Since my laptop also came home with my Mum and Dad, I finally could check a few things out and surprisingly discovered plenty of beautiful photos! I reckon they must have been taken, while they were travelling!

Look, they even had the privilege to meet dolphins – WOW! Looking at these amazing pictures, I wish I was with them on their cozy LUNA AZZURRA – what a pretty name, by the way!