So Far so Good

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I live alone on the boat.

I must admit the first 2-3 days were a bit scary, especially when it came to the weather. It was rainy, very windy – perhaps up to 25 knots – with nasty gusts in between. We even had a thunderstorm one evening. Then some sunshine, but due to the chilly squalls it was far from t’shirt weather. Yeah well, it’s still April, right?! 😁

The first nights were the worst, though. I suddenly heard noises like never before (or so I thought… 😮). Is there someone on deck? Is this one of our lines slapping against the mast, or a neighbour’s boat? (Turned out it was us, sorry folks…). Did the fridge always sound like this? And suddenly you remember all the horror movies….😱 I swear I would have heard mice fart, if we had some onboard 🐭 *hahaha*

Anyway, meanwhile I’m almost used to the new lifestyle. Although, it would be much more fun with Patrik around, of course. I managed to fill our fresh water tank, changed the gas bottle – in the dark, while having a Farinata di Ceci in the oven for dinner. Which turned out heavenly, by the way!

I also had a big cleaning day (the inside of Luna Azzurra) and went to the DIY laundry in town. The walk takes approx. 20 minutes, so it’s not too bad. The one in the marina is being modernised until May they said.

The weekends start to be quite busy in the marina. People start to get their boats ready for the new season, some spend a few nights on board and simply enjoy being here. It’s a relaxing atmosphere and I wish my Italian was better… I brought my school books and stuff with me, though. So studying the language is high up on my To Do list, promise 🇮🇹

Aaw, I almost forgot! Before Patrik left for his business trip, I modified the two mattresses, which we got from my mum and dad. They are of high quality and as good as new. So since my parents bought a completely new bed, they had no use for the old ones anymore! Great for us 😜 It took me two afternoons and bloody fingers (literally), but it was absolutely worth it! Lying in the bed now feels like night and day 😴🌙

Last but not least I got serious and started jogging. The harbour wall measures 900m. So running this back and fro, I get 1.8km, plus a couple of hundred metres to get there and back to our boat. Seems like a perfect exercise to me 😅

So let’s see what next weeks brings – except sore muscles. Better weather, I hope 🌞😎


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