So Long…


Finally we are leaving Switzerland, ready for our long drive to Livorno!

Already yesterday we started loading our car and this morning the last couple of items were added, like water bottles and some fruits.

Ten o’clock tonight the ferry will leave the port towards Sardinia, hopefully with us on board….

At 06.30h tomorrow morning we will arrive in Olbia, preferably after a good nights rest and some sunshine ?

Then, we will have the whole day for us, to have a look around. Which is nice, as we won’t be able to explore the island itself later on. The last grocery shopping will also be done, I guess. Around five, we hope, the boat will be ready for us.

So, our next post will be in about two weeks, filled with exciting stuff, like photo’s, movies and surely a lot to tell you!

We wish you all a great time and fair winds to us! Take care and so long…..


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