Step by Step

Well, at the moment it feels more like a marathon, not a casual walk, towards our adventure!

I’m not complaining of course! Our decision to finally move house on board our sailing yacht Luna Azzurra, keeps us going and we’re motivated 🤗

I just wish we would have a bit plenty more time….

Within only a couple of months we’ve found suitable tenants for our house. Which is fantastic!

It was agreed that they could move in already on March 18th instead of April 01st, which seemed fine to us then…. Meanwhile, the contracts are signed and so far, everything is ready.

My brother will act as a caretaker and we’re more than happy about this arrangement!

Patrik and I will also have our address at his place since we decided to stay registered in Switzerland. That way we can keep our health insurance, continue to pay pension etc.

What Patrik and underestimated was how much time we’ll need to empty our 5.5 room home…. Since we can’t keep our furniture, pictures, deco things, (you name it), we try to sell as much as possible. First we thought about storing our stuff, but considering the monthly costs we dropped that idea quickly. And anyway, it’s unlikely that we’ll move back into our house again…… Or even Switzerland, once we’re tired of sailing around.

All we keep is our bed (you always need a bed, doesn’t matter where you live), a storage box with photo albums and other dear memories and that’s about it!

However, our house must be empty until end of February since from March 06th we booked in craftsmen, doing some repair work. And in week 11 the house will be cleaned!

Luckily, some of the furniture are sold already to family and friends. We can keep them as long as we life in the house. So naturally it looks more furnished that it actually is. But still…… 😵

Needless to say, that we also need to say good bye to a lot of our clothes and shoes!

Perhaps in the end a lot of our things will go to charity – sadly 😥 But, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Since Patrik and I still have to attend our jobs until end of March, we’ll live with my parents until we leave Switzerland, which will be in the beginning of April. We are grateful they also have a 5.5 room house with 2 bathrooms. Let’s hope we’ll all still be alive after these weeks…….. 🙏 *hahaha*

Well, right now I wouldn’t mind it was March, our house empty, the furniture gone and our remaining belongings ready to be transported on board Luna Azzurra!

We’ll get there somehow, wish us luck!

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