Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part Three

 Friday, 28th September 2018

Since were so close to the base (the deadline to be back was 5 p.m., with a refueled BLUE MOON), we had plenty of time to enjoying a last swim and go snorkeling (ok, ok , without me….the water was too cold in my opinion). Patrik even filmed a stingray! Testing the drone turned out to be trickier, he was lucky “Farfalla” didn’t crash into the sea….Would have been a “perfect” ending for our holidays, right?! *hahaha*

Anyway, around 2.30 p.m. we decided to call it a day and headed for the gas station. We were the first ones (luckily, as it showed later) and soon we discovered why. The staff would be back at 4 p.m. – GREAT! So we sat there, waiting for more than an hour. More and more boats arrived and in the end it must have been around 10 vessels, anchoring everywhere and waiting for diesel! Gosh, were we pleased, to be # 1 in the queue!

When entering the marina, Constantino and a couple of other guys were already awaing the “returners”. It was very busy and we were lucky we got a good mooring, easy to navigate. Other boats weren’t so lucky and many had problems – or became nervous.

Enzo showed also up and asked how everything went. We explained about the engine fault and the leaks into the cabins and into the beds. All in all we had to admit, that sadly BLUE MOON was much more worn down than last year in May. She is, though, 8 years old, but hey…no reason not to groom her!

Enzo told us that apparently this was her last season in their fleet. The owner was planning to take her out. That might have been the reason, why Sailitalia only maintained the most necessary things, who knows?!

But as guests – who still paid the whole price – we were a bit disappointed, getting such a boat.

Since we had to leave the boat at 9 o’clock the next morning, we started to empty as much as we could and filled up our car again – at least that stood still on the same spot as we left it, and wasn’t stolen! The engine even started….good old warhorse!

We spent our last evening in a nice restaurant, enjoying Italian food and the lovely view over the yacht marina. I guess our feelings were a bit mixed, our so longed for holidays turned out to be completely different as planned, which was a bummer of course! But hey, at least we didn’t have an accident or something else horrible happened! We all returned safe and sound and that is the main thing, isn’t it?!

Everyone was tired, so we didn’t stay up too long and returned to BLUE MOON for our last night on board!

Saturday, 29th September 2018

We got up early, had our breakfast and were ready in time, to leave the catamaran. A bit sad, I have to admit….I still couldn’t get that she was so worn down within so few years.

After saying Good Bye to everyone, we had one last stroll around Cannigione, wanted to buy some local delicacies. We didn’t have to hurry, cause the ferry was leaving Olbia only at 22.30h – no stress!

We wanted to show M&M’s some of the hot spots, such as Santa Teresa, which is the most northerly pint of the island. From there you can see Corsica, on a clear day. Then, of course, we visited the noble Porto Cervo, which is a must! Well, we didn’t drive down to the marina area (it was too busy with Rolls Royces, Maseratis and other luxus vehicles, plus you had to pay for a parking spot. Thanks but no thanks!). Instead we enjoyed the breathtaking view over the marina from the parking beside the pretty Stella Maris church! Missing this little gem woul be a sin!

Further we drove towards Olbia, stopping in Porto Pozzo around tvelve, for a tasty bruschetta. Patrik and I visited this little restaurant and bruschetteria at the main road already last year and once again, we weren’t disappointed – very yummy!

After this pit stop we drove directly to Olbia, where we parked our car at the waterfront and walked into the city. We did a bit of shopping, had a beer or a glass of wine, strolled around…..well, actually more or less waiting to drive to the terminal and board the ferry to Genoa. After five we decided it was time, and it looked like we weren’t too early. There were already queues in the different lines. Finally we could drive onboard the ferry, parked and went to get our cabin keyes.

With a drink in our hands we stood outside and watched the cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes driving into the boats belly, unbelievable how much space there is….Then we went inside, I wanted to have a shower before dinner and we agreed to meet in the Admirals Pub! Said and done and while later I joined them and we had a glass of red wine, in order to quicken our appetite. The restaurant had the same menues, but a wide variety, nonetheless.

We soon went to bed, it was a long day and we had to get up early again, as the ferry was scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. Good night amici, sleep tight!

Sunday, 30th September

Seven o’clock and Patrik and I were ready to grabb a coffee and orange juice in the breakfast bar. M&M’s – who had their cabin next to us – just got up, so we agreed to meet a bit later.

Strangely, eight o’clock came and went, but we still weren’t in the harbor. I think it was just before nine, when we were allowed to go to the car decks. Maybe they changed the schedule? Or something happened during the night, which caused the delay? No idea…. Anway, leaving the ferry and even Genua went smoothly and in no time we were on the motorway, heading north!

We had one short stop, refueling the car, went to the toilet and had a quick sandwich. In no time we were back on the road again! When coming closer to Switzerland, we were wondering, why the signs were in Italian and in French….strange….. We did follow the G.S. Bernard signs, didn’t we?

To drive through the San Bernardino, through the canton of Ticino, was our aim. But what had happened? Have we lost our way? And when???

As it turned out, we DID drive wrong, somehow mixing up the Grand Saint Bernard pass with the San Berndardino pass! How embarrassing was THAT?!?! *hahaha*

Anyway, we had a beautiful sightseeing through the Aosta Valley, the canton of Valais and other amazing places, where we never where before! It just wasn’t necessary to discover these beautiful spots on our way home, from Genoa….

Surprisingly, we arrived at our home at 4 p.m.! At almost the same time, as the originally scheduled route would have been! M&M’s repacked their luggage into their car, used our toilet and we said our Good Byes! We promised to each other, to drink the last Sardinia wine, which we took with us, togheter with a nice dinner! And off they went, home to Schaffhausen and their cat Pahaska!

Patrik and I emptied the car and I did the most important unpacking and throwing dirty cloth into the laundry room. The sun was shining by the way, so we sat outside and enjoyed a lovely glass of white wine, while discussing our crazy holidays!


As mentioned, we were very unlucky with the weather, which caused a low mood sometimes. It wasn’t personel, though, it was the situation with rain, unwanted “waterbeds”, getting stuck in marinas, etc. We all imagined us, how we would be swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and goofing around….Yeah well, next time will be better, right M&M’s?!?!

Monday was my last vacation day, but instead of being home, do some washing and take it easy, I had to go to town, buying a new handbag, purse, and most importantly had to visit the Police station, reporting my ID card stolen!

Meanwhile, everything has been replaced, bank cards, driving license, ID card….. but I’m still getting shaky, when I think back to Porto Ottiolu, as I realized my bag was gone! I truly hope, that will never ever happen again!

So long everyone, we hope you enjoyed our story!

And in case someone finds a black Harley Davidson handbag…..


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  1. I read your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep it up!

    1. Thanks, very motivating, your comment! Will do so 🙂

    • Doris Ziegler on October 30, 2018 at 3:24 pm
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    interessanter und humorvoller Bericht!
    Auch wenn nicht alles wunschgemäss lief, gewisse Sachen kann man nicht planen (z.B.Wetter),
    bleiben doch die schönen Erlebnisse in Erinnerung!
    Doris & Karl

    1. Danke vielmal – schön hat er euch gefallen 🙂 Grüessli

    • Justin on April 26, 2019 at 12:02 pm
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