Supriiiiiiise !!

Two weeks ago – Patrik and I indulged in the “dolce far niente” in our garden – the doorbell rang suddenly!

Who the *** could that be? On a Sunday afternoon?

However, it was a lovely surprise: My friend Claudia and her friend Fredi had come with their antique mopeds – hers is from 1965! A spontaneous decision – which are always the best!

Since we haven’t seen each other since the pandemic started, the joy was extra great! Naturally, we had to celebrate it properly with a nice bottle of Italian white wine. A lot of talking and laughing was done and suddenly it was evening.

We decided they would return their mopeds to Fredi’s garage, which is in Frauenfeld, and on their way home (in the Schaffhausen area) they would have a quick pit-stop at our place to show us his ride!

Said and done….. 40 minutes later they were back with a stunning beauty! A 1958 Cadillac, which Fredi restored by himself! 


That’s his income actually, he owns a garage where he restores Oldtimers and rarities for private owners and companies. Sometimes he even has to produce parts because they are no longer available on the market! What an amazing job and, apparently, he’s doing very well and with passion 😎 

As a(-nother) hobby he also collects (?) and maintains old jukeboxes…. Well, his garage and apartment look a bit like a museum!


However, Patrik and I were invited for a short ride, which we VERY MUCH enjoyed! It really was quite something for a at first ordinary Sunday 🤩


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