The Anticipation Is Rising Even More!

For known reasons it was impossible for Patrik and me to meet our friends from Luxembourg!

But I certainly keep in contact with Pascale by using Whatsapp and sometimes we call each other.

So last Sunday the idea popped up that she could come with us to Loano. (Patrik is secretly hoping to get another helping hand….. 😉).

Impulsively as usual, Pascale was very thrilled about the opportunity to meet us, and even leave her country for a few day! She had to bury her original plans, flying to the South of France.

But now she could kill two birds with one stone!

And suddenly a third one had be added: Lynn, a good friend of hers, who we also know, will join us! On Thursday evening they met and Pascale asked her! And on Friday morning I had a message on my mobile from a excited Lynn 😊

Cool, I really look forward to meet the two again and spend a few days together. Even when Patrik and I will have to work on the boat. They are free to help us, or enjoy the surroundings of the marina. At least the evenings will be ours!

Poor Patrik, you mean? Having three crazy chicks on board? Well…..nooooo! I bet, secretly he’s looking forward to show off “his” harem to the Italians  *hahaha*

So long, folks!


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