The Madness Continues…

Well, last Saturday, the Swiss border allowed Patrik to enter the country, after his skiing holiday in Austria!

However, he wasn’t allowed into our bedroom…. We’ve made that decision as a precaution after we’d said “hello” (with the necessary distance, of course). We’ll keep it like that for another week, so it’s a bit of a strange situation at home, saying good morning and good night without a kiss or a hug. I think Odin also looks a little bit confused…

It might sound ridiculous and I never thought we would go that far. But as everyone knows, the situation changes continuously, so better safe than sorry, right!?

The irony is, while he was in Austria, I actually sent him a WhatsApp (as a joke) that he would find his sleeping bag and food for two weeks in our basement… *hahaha*

His Swedish friend Lasse, who he’d spent the week with, had a worrying moment on his drive home. Suddenly the news said that Denmark had closed its borders, so how should Lasse get to Sweden? In the end, transit was allowed and he arrived at home on Sunday evening.

Since Monday all schools, non-food shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, hairdressers….you name it, are closed! Only grocery shops and pharmacies are open! And people a going nuts, by doing panic buying (especially toilet paper….God knows why….?!).

And in some shops, even fresh food is sold out, ridiculously enough! I mean how long can you keep fruits, vegetables and salad fresh? There will be tons of food waste, I’m sure of it and it makes me so angry!

Anyway, since Tuesday Patrik is doing home office. Not only him, though, but the whole company is shut down until April 03rd.

I’m wondering how long we, in my company, are allowed to go to work…. hmmm, so far, so good – finger’s crossed!

On Wednesday evening I was greeted not only by Patrik, but a beautiful flower bouquet! He had to go somewhere during the day and saw a flower shop which had placed a trailer filled with flowers and a sign saying “For Free”.

That was a lovely gesture, instead of throwing away all the innocent plants! (And of Patrik of course, by thinking of me 😉)

This evening we actually wanted to meet our friends M&M’s….. Well, we agreed to skip it for now and will find another date instead….that’s really sad!

At least the weather is wonderful and “spring-ish”. So everyone who’s is forced to be home, can at least enjoy a nice promenade – certainly alone or with the appropriate distance – or do some gardening!

But hey, you know what? I believe we have a silent winner here: The environment and the wildlife!

Suddenly, people are doing home office, travelling less, cancelling journeys and holidays. This means less flights, less cars, generally less traffic, which causes less pollution. Plus ski resorts for example have been closed down recently, so finally animals – who’s natural habitat are the mountains – have their peace and quiet back. I bet they appreciate it a lot!

And have you seen the pictures and YouTube videos from Venice and Cagliari in Italy? The canals are suddenly clear and with fishes in it. And dolphins are visiting the harbours and its surroundings! Clearly they appreciate having their habitat back for themselfes. Fantastic!

So that’s the other side of the coin, a bit after Monty Pythons’s saying: Always look at the bright side of life 😊



    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on March 27, 2020 at 2:13 pm
    • Reply

    Hej på er hoppas att “karantänen är över nu för er och att ni håller er friska! ❤️

    Det är verkligen upp och nervända världen vart det nu ska sluta? 🤔 Nu får vi göra det så bra som vi bara kan!
    Vi “gamlingar” försöker hålla oss på vår kant så gott vi kan, Dör gör vi ju alla när bestämmer vi inte själva. 😊

    Så njut av livet i vår underbar natur. 🌷🌻🥂
    Kramar till er ❤️❤️
    Sigrid & Jörgen

    1. Hej på er.
      Jo nu är karantänen över.
      Även om jag sovit underbart i gästsängen så ska det bli skönt med min egen säng igen. Det samma till er ni får hålla er friska. Kramar ❤️

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