Time Goes On

Well, a couple of weeks have past since our last post.

I’m still settling in, and not and much is happening. Perhaps, the daily boat life has started 😃

Sadly, the weather is a bit unpredictable; from sunny and warm days, to stormy, rainy ones. It often changes several times a day, starting with a beautiful promising morning and two hours later you need a warm cardigan and socks, or the opposite happens. At least, I didn’t have to start the heater anymore (so far – fingers crossed 🤞).

When looking at the blooming flowers everywhere, spring should be at its best now. Seems like it’s still hiding itself somewhere very well. But apparently, everywhere in Europa it’s too cold and rainy, or so I heard.

Besides of grocery shopping, baking bread once a week and cleaning, I try my best to learn the language. Slowly, slowly it’s coming back and luckily, the people are often helpful. Especially, when they see that you are trying.

I also sorted some more of Patrik’s tools and stuff. A lot are remnants from the previous owner. It’s unbelievable, how much scrap I’ve found: Rusty screws, nuts, shackles, tubes with rock hard content, undefinable things 🤔 There is a box now waiting for Patrik to go through and decide if he really needs the stuff…..

He doesn’t know it yet, but I cut up his t’shirts, as a punishment, for keeping all kind of crap! 😜🤣                  Nah, this are old ones which will be used as rags, of course.

And then there is Fabio, a Swiss guy, also living on his boat. We met already a couple of years ago, then he was away for a while and now he’s back – with a “new” boat, two pontoons further away. With him I could drive a couple of times to Borghetto Santo Spirito (next town), where he knows a nice DIY laundry. Very clean, acceptable prices and open 24/7 – perfect!

I also finally received the long awaited consignment from Letters Unlimited Inc., situated in the US. I’ve ordered tape to do the new waterline on the boat. We couldn’t find this specific colour as paint, so we’ll try with this one. According to them it’s suitable for boats as for cars. I definitely look forward to see Luna Azzurra after her make over 😍

From Amazon I’ve ordered a couple of things too. Among others I needed new toothbrushes (replacements) for my Philips Sonicare. And what did I find? Heads made of bamboo instead of plastic. They fit, but I haven’t tried them yet! I’m excited to test them, though, a bit less plastic in our plastic-flodded  world! 🌱

That’s about it so far. Patrik is coming home soon and we both look VERY forward for his return. It’s been a bloody long time without him on board 😊 *suck*


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