Visit Dorset, UK

The first two weeks of January 2022 I traveled to Wareham, Dorset Uk for work.

Travel preparation was extreme. Needed to take a PCR test in Switzerland. PCR  not allowed to be older than 48 hours when arriving in UK. Had to book a PCR test to be taken at arrival in UK.

When this was done I could fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form (only the name make you tired). Anyway when that was done I was ready to go.

A taxi was ordered to pick me up at home 04:45 in the morning. Of course started to snow. Just kept my finger crossed that I would arrive in time to the Zurich airport.


Checked in luggage and showing all Covid papers at the same time.. If it goes on like this soon we need to show a thick book to be able to travel.

Anyway when that was done I could finally enter through security and have a coffee I thought… But to early, nothing was open yet.

The flight arrived more or less in time. When I passed the custom they stopped me and asked if I understood what walking through the green sector ment???? I thought they where kidding, I realised they where serious so I had to tell them “nothing to declare” as it is written in big letters.

Amazing but that was the only thing they asked, they didn’t want to look in my bag!!!.

Outside custom I waited for my colleague, who came in from Milano, Italy.

When he had arrived we headed over to get our rental car, then driving to take the PCR test. One of the ladys there asked me ” what are you doing here sir” I was like yeah what do you think. She asked again “What are you doing here sir” then I told her, To do a PCR Test. Then she start laughing and told me about the earlier question. She thought I was Boris Johnson. Don’t understand why!!

Anyway everything went good we left and headed direction Wareham, Dorset. Took about 2 hours which is not bad considering they all drive on the wrong side in UK.


Received our keys, shown our rooms. Then heading to the restaurant for a beer and something to eat.

The day after we drove to site where we should work. when arriving it started with safety education etc.

Was shown around. Then planning the next steps. Informed the site crew what was needed to be prepared before we could start.

The second day we could finally start with what we came for. Everything went smooth even though you needed a permit for everything you should do. So quite a slow work speed.

After approximately 10 days we where finally ready to leve. Had to postpone our flight a few times do to missing cables which should be installed and some other smaller issues plus all the waiting time because of the all permits which we needed.

We drove back to Heathrow and checked in at Sheraton Hotel for one night. when this was done. We headed to the test center to take a PCR test. This was needed to be allowed to travel home. This done we returned the car took a taxi back to the hotel.


When back I had to check in for our flights online. Before this was done I could not fill in the Swiss entry form. In the form you must inform which seat you have on the plane Find this ridiculous, quite often they change seats later on.

Everything done then it was time for dinner.

Next day I was traveling home. Arrived home early evening.


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