Visitors on Saturday Evening !

Well no, no martens this time (although, we still hear them sometimes running around on the rooftop)!

No, our dear neighbour – and Odins hero (catsitter) – Cony, her three children Tiana, Samuel and Kilian and Cony’s partner Lukas came to us for dinner. Their baby girl Lina was also with us, but she slept most of the time – with seven months no surprise!

We decided to do a homemade chilli sin carne (of course), accompanied by a crisp sallad and  fresh (bought) bread, for our guests – a second version a bit less hot for Lukas. Apparently, he not very used to chilli and Co. No problem for us, of course!

The benefit with this meal is, it can be easily prepared the day before and it actually tastes better by doing so. So Patrik was in the kitchen on Friday evening, cooking his tasty speciality. Soon the house was filled with the spicy smell…it was hard, not to fill two plates and eat a big portion already…

Since Lukas is a milk goat farmer and had to do the evening stable, he came a bit later than Cony and the kids. But around 8 p.m. we were complete and enjoyed the remaining aperitif.

The main course was a true success and everyone loved it…. no one reacted that Patrik used soya “minced meat”, as usual actually!

Of course we had a lot to talk about, since we hadn’t seen each other for a while. One big theme was Cony’s relocating with her kids. Since Lukas has his farm he has no intention of moving house, which is understandable.

So the only other solution was, that Cony and her kids move to Lukas. It took some time, since Lukas parents also live at the farm and a new house had to be built for them, otherwise it would have been too crowded.

Well this summer it will be finished and our neighbours will say goodbye to Uesslingen. Although, it’s not too far away – maybe 20 minutes from us – we will miss her and the children… And Odin of course! Countless times he made a visit to them, while Patrik and I were working. And of course, they were the “can openers” when we were away. So yes, it will be quite change, for us as well!

However, we still have a few months to spend some time together, so I guess we’ll make the best of it and visit each other as often as possible!

Here are a few photos of our evening together, hope you like them  🙂


    • Cony on April 8, 2019 at 7:20 am
    • Reply

    Hey mini Liäbä 😍 isch würkli en gmüätliche und schönä Abig gsi🌟😍🌟 mit viel feinem Esse! Mir Danke eui nomal tuusig😘
    Mir werded ja nöd vom Erdbode verschwunde sii und ab dä Welt 😉
    Freued euis zum Ziit nochli mit eui gnüsse😍 dicki Knuddels vo euis allnä😍 kiss😍❤😘

    1. Hoi mitenand
      Schön hät’s au allne gfalle und gschmöckt! Jetzt mached mer no Beschte us dä verbliibende Ziit, gäll! Liebi Grüessli vo euis 🙂

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